Clutch and Gearbox repair

Clutch and Gearbox Repair in Auckland

Problems with a clutch or gearbox never self-correct. In addition, problems with these parts of your car are progressive so will eventually lead to a complete breakdown. When that happens you will have to get the gearbox replaced or rebuilt, and/or your clutch replaced. Any of those options are costlier than getting your clutch or gearbox repaired at the first sign of a problem.

At Perrys Automotive, we have extensive experience repairing gearboxes and clutches in all makes and model of car, although we have particular experience with manual and automatic Nissan and Subaru models. Our team of mechanics is highly skilled and has considerable experiencing diagnosing problems with clutches and gearboxes, and carrying out long-lasting and effective repairs.

Why You Should Come to Use

  • Honest and straightforward advice on the state of your clutch and/or gearbox
  • Friendly and professional service
  • High quality of workmanship
  • Low prices

What to Look Out For

You should get your clutch checked if the pedal feels soft under your foot or if hits the floor with no resistance. Other symptoms of a problem clutch include it slipping, or being unable to get the car into gear. Noise and vibration are also indicators of a potential problem

You may have an issue with your gearbox if you don’t get the expected response from the accelerator when you change gear. You may also hear whining or clunking noises, or grinding noises while in the process of changing gear. Sometimes, the car will not go into gear at all.

If you are experiencing any of these problems or have any other concerns with your clutch or gearbox, please contact us today on (09) 836 0061.