Wheel alignment & balancing

Wheel Alignment in Auckland

At Perrys Automotive, our wheel alignment services will ensure you get maximum life from your tyres. It will also make your car drive more comfortably, and improve your levels of safety. The process of wheel alignment involves adjusting your wheels so they sit perfectly flat on the road. It also ensures the wheels on either side of your car are parallel to each other.

You will know that your wheels are out of alignment if the car pulls to one side, i.e. wheels that are set correctly should travel in a straight line when the steering wheel is held straight rather than drifting. This isn’t the only symptom of wheel alignment problems, though. Other indicators include having to hold the steering wheel off centre to keep the car moving straight, or if you notice your tyres are wearing unevenly.

Wheel Balancing

When your wheels are not balanced properly, you will feel vibrations in the steering wheel, the seat, the floor, or all three. You may also notice uneven wear on your tyres.

This problem is caused by heavy spots on your wheel and/or tyre. It is a common problem that is usually easily corrected by proper wheel balancing. The process involves adding small lead weights to the wheel on the opposite side of the heavy spot.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are complete car care specialists and have mechanics and technicians that are highly skilled in both wheel alignment and wheel balancing. You will get a professional service and honest, straight advice. We keep our prices low but we don’t cut corners – exceptional levels of service are always guaranteed.

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