Engine and gearbox rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding

Some engine problems are so major it is not possible to repair them. In those situations, many mechanics will recommend an engine replacement. That will get your car back on the road again, but it is an expensive option. At Perrys Automotive, we offer an alternative – engine rebuilding.

It is highly specialised work that many car repair and servicing centres do not get involved in, but we have the experience and expertise to offer the service. It is available for all models of Nissan and Subaru vehicles, particularly high performance models. We also have experience rebuilding engines for other models and brands.

If you have a major problem with your car or you have been advised you need an engine replacement, don’t make a final decision until you have spoken to us.

Gearbox Rebuilding

Gearboxes are highly specialised and intricate components of your car – so much so that many mechanics never open them up. Even those that do offer engine rebuilding services don’t go as far as gearbox rebuilding. We do have the expertise in-house to offer the service, though.

Why is it a good option? The most important benefit of gearbox rebuilding for you is price. Even if you replace your gearbox with a second hand component, the cost will still be considerably more than getting it rebuilt by us. In addition, you don’t know what you are buying when you buy second hand. When your gearbox is rebuilt you know that it has been worked on by experts.

Don’t automatically assume that replacing engines or gearboxes is your best or only option. Give us a call today on (09) 836 0061 for further advice.