Warrant of Fitness & safety checks

Pre Warrant of Fitness Inspection Checks

Is your car up for its Warrant of Fitness inspection? If it is, you should bring it in to Perrys Automotive for a pre-inspection Warrant of Fitness and safety check. Our team of mechanics has an in-depth knowledge of the Warrant of Fitness inspection process so can identify problems before you ever get to the test. You can then take action to correct those issues to increase your chances of passing.

Of course, it is not just about passing the inspection. A Warrant of Fitness inspection is about ensuring your vehicle is safe for you to drive, for your family, and for other road users. If you need to get your car safety checked, book it in to our Auckland workshop today.

What We Check

  • Tyres, brakes, steering, and suspension
  • Structural condition of the car, particularly in relation to rust
  • Lights as well as checking for a working speedometer
  • Windscreen, windscreen wipers, and doors
  • Airbags and safety belts
  • Exhaust and fuel system leaks

Additional Checks

We can also go further than a Warrant of Fitness check, if required. This can be beneficial when you are buying a car, for example, as we can check if it is safe plus we can check the general condition of the vehicle. This includes things that an official inspection doesn’t cover such as the condition of the engine, gearbox, and clutch. We can also check paintwork, lubricant levels, and more.

Don’t bring your car for a Warrant of Fitness inspection until we check it first.
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