Transmission servicing & repair

Transmission Servicing and Repair in Auckland

The transmission is an incredibly hard working component of your car, particularly if you start and stop a lot, or regularly tow. Perrys Automotive can keep your transmission in top working condition for longer by regularly servicing it. If yours has already developed a problem, we can carry out all necessary repairs. This obviously applies to the brands we specialise in – Nissan and Subaru – but we have extensive experience with transmission systems in other brands of car too.

You should check your car’s manual to see when you should get your transmission serviced, but it is typically every 20,000 to 25,000 km or 12-15 months, whichever is sooner. It is important to note that your transmission will not be serviced as part of a regular vehicle service. This is because it is a specialist job that is required at different intervals, so has to be specifically requested. If you need to book your car in, call us today.

What We Do

  • Drain and then inspect the transmission fluid for signs of problems
  • Clean the oil pan and either clean or replace the filter
  • Refill the transmission fluid
  • Full transmission flushes, when required

Take a Proactive Approach

Not getting your transmission serviced according to the recommended schedule can cause other problems with your car that are much more expensive to fix. To help you stay on schedule, we keep our servicing prices as low as possible while still using high quality components and materials, and offering excellent levels of customer service.

Don’t take a risk with your transmission – call us today on (09) 836 0061.