Suspension repairs

Suspension Repairs in Auckland

At Perrys Automotive, we offer suspension repair services for all makes and model of car. This includes, but is not limited to, Nissan and Subaru vehicles. Our experience and skills extend to all types of suspension systems and shock absorber including springs, stabiliser bars, heavy duty shocks, standard shocks, struts, bushes, ball joints, and more. We have access to high quality parts, and our level of workmanship is top quality.

When we carry out your suspension repairs your car will be safer to drive. It will be more responsive, particular when steering and cornering, and it will be more comfortable – you won’t feel those jars through your spine every time you go over a bump in the road.

Don’t drive an unsafe or uncomfortable car any longer – find out more about suspension repairs today.

Warning Signs that Something is Wrong with Your Suspension

  • Your car dives or dips forward when braking
  • The car dips, slides, or feels unresponsive when cornering
  • Your tyres wear unevenly but there is nothing wrong with the alignment or balance of your wheels
  • You notice fluid leaking from your shock absorbers

What You Can Expect from Us

Firstly, you can expect a friendly and professional service. We will also give you expert advice that is completely honest – we will never recommend work that is not necessary. You can also expect us to use top quality parts and do excellent work that lasts.

To get advice on your suspension, please call us today on (09) 836 0061.