Diagnostic fault scanning

Diagnostic Fault Scanning in Auckland

Is your car showing an error or fault message on your dashboard? Maybe there are no messages or faults showing but you know your vehicle is not running as it should be. At Perrys Automotive, we have access to the latest diagnostic fault scanning equipment. We specialise in Nissan and Subaru cars but we have equipment that can test and clear faults in most brands and models.

The process involves connecting your car’s CPU to our diagnostic equipment to scan for errors. It is high-tech, but our mechanics are all trained on how to use the equipment and to read the data produced properly. Once the scan is complete we can check the component on the car and carry out any repair that is necessary. We will then clear the fault message from the system.

Benefits of Getting Warning Messages Checked

Car warning messages are often ignored by drivers – does that sound familiar. It is understandable as they sometimes appear whenever the car appears to be running perfectly normally. On rare occasions the warning message can be wrong but in most cases it does indicate an issue with the car that needs further inspection. In either case, running your car through diagnostic fault scanning is essential.

It doesn’t always mean a big repair bill, either. Often the warning message is an indicator that something might be wrong, but which turns out to be minor once it is identified and checked by a qualified mechanic. The process starts, however, with the check.

Our Advice

  • Don’t ignore warning messages, even if they are intermittent
  • Be aware of how your car drives – if you notice changes, get it checked
  • Book your car in for diagnostic fault scanning as soon as possible after a message or problem appears
  • Carry out any subsequent repairs as soon as possible

This will ensure your car stays in top condition.

Don’t delay – book your car diagnostic scan today. Call (09) 836 0061.